Stop Bedwetting with Bedwetting Alarm

Bedwetting problem? All you need is bedwetting alarm.

Bedwetting may not be a serious thing but when the child self esteem is affected, it can hugely affect your child life. From my personal bedwetting experienced, it’s not the happiest thing that happened to me. I had to endure my bedwetting nightmare as I called it till I reached my 11th birthday but when everything I thought was okay, I’d still had my occasional bedwetting at night for another year.

Everyone in my family knows that and it greatly affect my self esteem. It is my greatest secret back then, I don’t want my friends to know about it because they will surely laugh. I'm sure of it.

I got angry every time my family would bring the topic of my bedwetting.  I hate waking in the morning wet and smells like pee. My pediatrician said it was pretty normal, but in a child thinking it was not normal since my playmates does not suffer from bedwetting so she recommend me to use bedwetting alarm. It does a pretty good job to help me stop bedwetting and boost my self confidence again.

Experts said bedwetting patients especially children will out grow this condition in time but how long we don’t know. As a parent will you just wait for your child to stop bedwetting in their own with deteriorating self esteem?

Don’t let your child suffer from bed wetting, there are things that you can do to stop this condition. Bedwetting alarm is made to stop this problem.

Bed wetting Types and Condition

Bed wetting is a condition of unable to control urination especially at night. Children and even teens suffer from bed wetting problem. I too had this problem before but with the help of my family and bedwetting alarms there’s no more wet bed for me.

Bedwetting in medical term is called enuresis and categorized in two types: the primary nocturnal and secondary nocturnal enuresis. With primary nocturnal enuresis there is no dry night. There is an involuntary urination at night during asleep.  While secondary nocturnal enuresis, the child problem only develops months or years after she/he grows from being a baby. In most cases the later one is the main reason of bedwetting in teens.

Enuresis can also be a hereditary. If you experienced bedwetting before, most likely your child might have the problem of bedwetting as well.

Bedwetting wearable alarm

This kind of alarm is worn by the patient during asleep. Examples of bedwetting wearable alarms are drynite bedwetting alarm and malem ultimate bedwetting alarm the most popular and available in different colors.

Malem ultimate bedwetting alarm features:

  • With sound and vibration in one alarm.
  • Combines light, sound and vibration to help even the deepest sleeper to wake up
  • Compact and light weight, weigh of 2oz
  • Easy-clip sensor that is attached directly on the underwear
  • Choose from different tone such as 1 tone, 8 tones/random or 8 selectable/random tones

Bell and Pads Alarm

This one is for children who don’t want to wear a bed wetting alarm during sleep. Example of it is the Wet Call Bed-side Bedwetting Alarm with Pad. This type of alarm is advisable for those who don’t move that much during asleep.

The bedwetting pad alarm is placed under the bed sheet while the alarm box can be place either on the bedside or attached to bed rail. Bed wetting pad alarm will alarm if the pad sensor detect moisture.


Having this kind of problem may not be a serious threat but it great affects a child self esteem. Don’t wait for your child to outgrow this problem. To help your child, you can opt for the help of bedwetting alarm. Most bedwetting alarms are easy and comfortable to use.

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